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Captain Kevin Hennings is known for working hard and being passionate about the fish he chases! Capt. Kevin will provide your best chance at a successful, safe and most importantly — an enjoyable day on the ocean!
His smile is infectious and his enthusiasm for what he does makes for an experience you otherwise would’ve never had! 
Look around. You’re in the sport fishing capital of the world. There are many charter captains that catch their share of fish but with Captain Kevin, you’ll never forget the excitement! Everyone is engaged in the activity while catching fish, there is little “down time” and when he turns up the pace, the festive tempo will have you thirsting for more!
 Capt. Kevin is a Florida native and licensed USCG Captain, Kevin grew up on the water and has dedicated his life to conservation, education and DINNER. Yep, that’s right dinner…we won’t let you go hungry! Capt. Kevin has been chasing offshore bill fish, dorado and other pelagics for over 30 years in and around the waters of South Florida and the Florida Keys.

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