•  We generally leave the dock at 7:30 AM. We prefer to speak to you the night before your charter to discuss departure
       and weather conditions.

   •   It is customary to tip your captain 20%.

   •  The charter price is for a private charter. You book the whole boat, but, you may bring up to 6 people total. Please no
       more than 6 per USCG  regulations.

   •  We follow local fish and game laws, as long as the size limit is legal you can keep your catch.

   •  All bait, tackle, rods, reels, licenses, ice, water & cooler are included. Please, no glass on the boat. 

   •  Check, cash or credit cards accepted.

   •  Your captain will clean and bag your fish for you. If desired, the Fish Company will prepare and ship your catch home!

   •  Please bring a camera, lunch or snacks, drinks, sunscreen, hat, motion sickness medicine if needed.

   •  Cancellation Policy: 30 days in advance. A cancellation due to weather will only be determined by the captain, in which
      case your deposit will be refunded or you may choose to reschedule.


If we did not answer all of your questions please call Captain Kevin 
at 305-204-6789 or email at info@sportfishing.fish

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